NEX Classic

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Stylish steel case

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B-Stock is a product with factory defects. The side panels are not installed perfectly, there may be minor paint defects, etc. There is also no perforation on the bottom of the case!

CaseKraken NEX, combining not only compact size and stylish appearance, but also a well-thought-out cooling system.

All defects and errors of the first version have been fixed
Changed the mount of the power supply and 2.5 drives
One 120mm fan added
Perforation on top wall changed

The kit includes:

Power Button (16mm)
Extension cord for outputting the power supply connector to the rear panel
Magnet Dust Filters
Screws and Allen key (2mm)

It is possible to install additional fasteners for a larger number of 2.5 drives, fasteners for installing Asetek 645LT 92mm.




Additional information

Weight3.6 kg
Dimensions43 × 27 × 20 cm

Сталь 1.5мм

Поддерживаемая материнская плата


Поддерживаемый блок питания


Высота системы охлаждения процессора

До 75мм

Толщина охлаждения видеокарты

До трехслотовой

Поддерживаемые вентиляторы

Два вентилятора 120×20мм (рекомендуется 120×15) сверху корпуса.


В комплект не входит, необходим райзер Li-Heat D типоразмера M (30См)




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